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About Healing Fountain LLC

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Pamela Hopkins, LCSW
The Founder of The Healing Fountain

Pamela is a rare find and a gifted therapist, educator, healer and transformational coach. As a professional with 25 years of experience, she has an innate ability to read and understand people instantly. She helps uncover and remove negative blocks while intuitively supporting her clients as they shift into their desired goals including optimum health, relationships, careers, and prosperity. Her holistic approach to healing embraces her therapeutic and intuitive skills, physics and many energy therapy technologies. Pamela’s intuitive, compassionate, results-oriented teaching approach draws from the fields of Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Visualization/ Hypnotherapy, E.F.T., Sedona Method, Meditation, and Mind Frequency Shifting.

Pamela has been honored to assist the active military and family members through the Military Source One EAP Program and other local employees through the Ceridian EAP program. She is honored to support men and women returning from deployments suffering from PTSD, high stress issues or re-adjusting to disrupted family lifestyles within my work.

As a licensed social worker, Pamela is covered by most insurance companies,Tricare, BC/BS, Opitma, Etc.