• Instant Success...


    "After three sessions at the Healing Fountain, I stopped drinking a fifth of Vodka daily. Now I can enjoy a couple of drinks once a week and stay in control. I am feeling empowered and focused on my sobriety and well being." -G.B. VA Beach

    Manifest Love

    "Pamela  saved my marriage! My husband and I were not communicating. All we did was yell. After a few sessions with her, we started to reconnect and heal the anger. Now we talk from our hearts and own our own stuff. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Pamela was easy to talk to  and neither of us felt like the bad guy. I think I can speak for my hubby and say that we both felt understood. Thanks for saving our marriage Pamela!!!! -P.E. Chesapeake

    Experience the Truth!!!

    "After only a few visits, I am free of severe anxiety/panic attacks and chronic back pain that I have suffered with most of my life. Now, nothing stops me from pursuiing my greatest dreams." -S.H. Suffolk

    Instant Transformation

    "I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the guilt and depression I carried all day, every day of my whole life. I only had a ten minute session and the guilt and depression disappeared and has not returned. I am relieved the pressure is gone and feel at peace."-J.W. VA Beach

    Therapy That Heals & Inspires

    "My friends and I just love the Healing Fountain - especially the inspiring group sessions that are led by Pamela Hopkins who is the headliner at this establishment. She's also a wonderful therapist in private appointments where you leave feeling totally revitalized and inspired to live a happier, more productive life.   This is one therapist who knows how to zero in on what is at the core of current difficulties and provides such tremendous healing in the process. " - Dee K. Norfolk

    Remarkable Growth and Empowerment

    "Pamela has literally shown me the way!!" Her sessions empowered and encouraged me to utilize the strengths inside of me. Once these were realized, I just took off. She coached and inspired me to leave the drudgery and unhappiness of corporate America and easily transition into my new reality. I am now a business owner who manifests prosperity while using my greatest gifts. She was able to do this for me in a matter of weeks!!!! Get a jump start on your dreams with Pamela today. I would recommend her to any and every one. -E.A.E. Norfolk